Introducing Filen

Zero knowledge end-to-end encrypted cloud storage, redefined.

Why do you need Filen in your life?

Why do you need Filen in your life?


Filen has been built to deliver maximum security. Fully user controlled zero knowledge end-to-end encryption support utilizing AES 256 bit.

User friendly

Our apps are designed to be as user friendly as possible. With native like controls you will feel at home very fast.

Lightning fast

We don't like to throttle you. Utilize the cloud to the maximum.

Made in Germany

With one of Europe's highest privacy standards, Filen will keep your data safe. All of your files will be stored in Tier IV ISO 27001 certificated high security datacenters located in Germany.

Open Source

We like to be transparent. Our apps are open sourced and available on GitHub under the AGPL v3 license.


Completely self funded with our own hardware and without big companies in the background. It's time to drop the tech giants.

It's time to take back privacy into your own hands

Get started today with Filen's user controlled zero knowledge end-to-end encrypted cloud storage and receive 10 GB of storage for free!

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