How Filen's user controlled zero knowledge end-to-end encryption works under the hood.


The importance of privacy and file protection

We all have this information, these very private files that we don't want to share with anyone. Work-related or personal documents, pictures and videos - everything is important and we deserve digital privacy! That is why we have developed a function that enables this ultimate data protection.

Filen Encryption

We constantly strive to keep file security unbreakable for users around the world. With our client sided Encryption you can protect your most confidential information, your private documents and other sensitive data on any device. Nobody (not even the Filen administrators themselves) has access to your content.

Client-side encryption

With client-side encryption, your sensitive files are locked directly on your device.

Zero knowledge principle

Zero knowledge principle means that neither we, as a service provider, nor any government agency or service agency will have access to your files.

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It's time to take back privacy into your own hands

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