Which Browser is the best for Filen?

We recommend using either Chrome, Firefox or the new Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium) for the best experience possible.

Why is my download/upload slow?

This can have various reasons. Since everything is encrypted, your browser takes some time to encrypt/decrypt files before/after the upload/download. This can impact speeds on older devices. An outdated browser can also cause issues. Make sure to always run the latest version of your Browser. The best browser to use for Filen currently is Chrome.

Can I recover deleted files?

Yes, once you delete a file it will be moved to the trash folder. You can recover it from the trash. Files and folders in the trash get automatically deleted after 30 days.

Does the webapp work on mobile devices?

The webapp should work on Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones.

Is Filen secure?

Yes, Filen is the most secure way of storing files. Your files never leave your browser. Files are fully encrypted using AES 256 bit prior to the upload. That way nobody will know what you upload unless they are given the decryption key, which is also generated client-side. Not even we know what you upload.

What can I store?

You can upload anything as long as it's legal.

What happens to my files if my purchased plan/addon runs out?

Your files stay completely available, you just won't be able to upload more files until you purchase a plan/addon again.

Where are my files stored?

Our servers are based in Germany. Your files are protected by strong EU privacy laws.

Can I share my files with others?

Yes, you can create unique links for your files (with an expiration date and a password, which is optional) to share them with other people.

Does Filen have apps for desktop or mobile devices?

Yes we do! Check out our apps here.

Can I sync a folder from my desktop with Filen?

Yes you can. We have a desktop client which offers syncing. Check it out here.